An Excerpt From Watership Winds: Exit

“How is it that people are quickly overtaken by the wiles and lies of the devil? Some liars are gifted in their ability to make people believe a lie as Truth in deception. The pathway of a liar is chronic even to the point of lying when it would be best to tell the Truth. Scripture says that liars have no part in the kingdom of God. The father of all lies is Satan. He is so subtle and cunning as he makes his way into the minds of the lost who have no shepherd to protect them. He has no power over a man except in deception once believed. Men and women are just not aware when he approaches. They are game for prey. He causes havoc for them in his lies convincing the victim that the imagination supports his deception. Satan’s tool is the lie… he relies on man’s imagination to escalate the lie so subtly brought upon them in the heat of the moment. This is why that if you belong to Jesus, He will govern and protect you because you have made covenant with Him in Truth!”

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