An Excerpt From Faithworks: His Saving Grace

“Lord, where is my home? Out among the stars of the universe? The beauty of the heavens is your signature for all mankind. We know nothing at all. What is out there beyond the stars, O God…?
And He answered… ‘Your mother’s kitchen with warm pumpkin pie and coffee in the fall harvest of Thanksgiving for all of your family members to enjoy.’
I rejoice, O Lord, for your grace to me to contemplate the vastness of the heavens. You and creation are one, O God… and we are apart of you… children of your family and we love you, Father. Thank you Jehovah God for your Son Jesus who you gave to us to bridge the gap between the Godhead and man… to bridge the gap between heaven and earth… to make life right between love and hatred, O Lord.
I wait on you, Jesus… for your commandment over my life… to teach and show me a better way. So close to death I was, passed over and on the bathroom floor. A visitor came to see me and found me there. Quickly surmising what had happened… she asked me one question for I was on my way out.
‘Fred… what do you want?’ With eyes shut and my body weakened now… my only thought was of Jesus and how I had disappointed Him...
‘I want to be with you…!’ This made no sense to her… not of her glory was I thinking… but at home in God’s care and love. I had felt unloved in my life and forgotten about. But the Lord had a different plan… overlooking my transgressions that Jesus covered for me because of His covenant blood He shed on the cross for my sake. My death wish was present… but Jesus said to me in my lost hour of time…
‘Only believe, Fred! Only believe… come and be healed!’”

Bless God

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